Анастасия Цайдер / Аркадия

The placid landscape of neighbourhoods and cities, equally indistinguishable from one another, becomes filled with vegetation unnoticeably acquiring a feral state. Its endemic composition and configuration, reaction to climate changes, the variety of plants’ natural behaviour make the uniform spaces once again unique. Similarly to my other projects, Arcadia aims at exploring the collective experience formed by social conditions and nature. The photographs document traces left by the utopian ideas of total equality and at the same time present a metaphor for the ideas of modernism being consumed by chaos. One of my goals is to encourage the viewer to reassess the habitual picture of the post-Soviet microdistrict and show the value of the residential cityscape, simultaneously typical for a postSoviet city and at the same time unique in its landscape features, types of vegetation, architecture. Conceived as a socialist paradise and consequently reclaimed by nature, the Soviet garden cities form the romantic landscape of the post-Soviet inhabited space.

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